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OSCA Political Action Committee

The purpose of the Ohio School Counselor Association Political Action Committee  (OSCA PAC) is to:

  • Encourage and stimulate school counselors and others to take an active role in the governmental process.
  • Educate school counselors and others to understand the nature and actions of state government, the importance of political issues and the record and position of state officeholders and candidates on topics of importance.
  • Assist school counselors and others in organizing themselves for effective political action.
  • Contribute to political candidates for state offices and state initiatives whose values and beliefs are consistent with those of the school counseling profession.

The OSCA PAC is a separate fund established by the Ohio School Counselor Association. OSCA PAC is a registered political action action committee (#CP1821) formed in accordance with Ohio Law. It is a voluntary, non-profit political organization and is not affiliated with any political party.

OSCA PAC Board of Directors

Heather Fairs - Chair

WillaMarie Jackson 

Diane Zimmer

Juanda Jones

Carrie VanMeter

Amanda Sines - Treasurer

Shawn Grime - Deputy Treasurer

Make a Donation

Mail Option: Download and complete the OSCA PAC Donation Form and mail with your personal check.

Online Option: Click DONATE to make your contribution online via the OSCA PAC secure PayPal site.

Donation Guidelines

  1. The OSCA PAC can accept cash, credit and personal check donations from individuals. Individuals donating cash may give no more than $100, but may also contribute with a personal check beyond that $100 cash limit.
  2. The OSCA PAC can accept cash and check donations from partnerships and unincorporated associations and limited liability companies. Donations must include the name of the entity as well as the individual making the donation.
  3. The OSCA PAC is prohibited from accepting donations from corporations.
  4. Donations made to the OSCA PAC are not tax deductible.  
  5. Those making donations are required by law to provide their name, address (street, city, state, zip), date of donation and amount of donation for record keeping requirements of the Ohio Secretary of State. Those making a donation of $100 or more are also required to provide the name of their employer. / (614) 401-4642 / PO Box 537, Archbold, OH 43502

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