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Why School Counselors?

School counselors are masters-level trainined education support professionals who provide academic, career and personal/social development services to ALL students through the implementation of comprehensive school counseling programs rooted in standards and best practice. School counselors are uniquely positioned to work with the whole child through the implementation of individual, group and whole-school services. We welcome visitors to explore this page to learn more about the role of school counselors and impact that trained, licensed school counselors and comprehensive school counseling programs have upon the overall well-being and success of the students they serve. 

Did you know that during the 2022-2023 school year, Ohio ranked 19th in the US for states with the highest school counselor to student ratio at 378:1. The recommendaed ratio is 250:1.

American School Counselor Association Resources

The links below represent best practices for school counselors and school counseling programs. Here you can find information about why school counselors are important, how school counselors can be best utilized, standards and empirical research supporting the impact of the profession upon student outcomes. 

Impact of School Counseling

Position Statements

School Counselor Competencies

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